jaxenlabs (a.k.a Jaxen Ross) is a independent filmmaker / YouTuber, who makes videos on his channel. He started making movies at the age of 8. His first YT account was YagattaseeJaxen; albeit he never uploaded videos on that channel (except for two title card videos), but Jax spent most of his time on YouTube, watching videos and messed around on Windows Movie Maker with the titles.

He would also pass his time by making videos on his old cellphone. He first made "Little Einstein Dubs" which involved him, filming over a muted video of a LE episode, while he voiced over the characters; even featuring Dr. Mario as a picture only. He also filmed alot of LEGO Mario and Luigi videos with his laptop and camcorder. By Dec. 5th, 2008, Jaxen launched his new channel, under the name "jaxenlabs" where he made hundreds of movies daily. He then decided to close his other account around 2012 or 13, since the other one was getting popular up until his unfortunate termination in Jan. 2015, due to his Oobi videos getting copyrighted matched.

Ever since the day he had launched his channel, he has a small loyal fanbase and that Jaxen still makes videos to this day.

His current account can be viewed here: